Fiction By Kris Schnee

Kris Schnee is an aspiring novelist and game designer with a love of world-building and intelligent, upbeat stories. His favorite authors include Heinlein and Asimov and some modern voices like Bard Bloom, Phil Geusz, and M.C.A. Hogarth.

Some of his work can be found on his DeviantArt gallery.

My Novels

Thousand Tales: How We Won the Game (2015)

Freedom-Loving AI, transformation, and Fun*

Student Paul Kostakis has caught the attention of Ludo, an Artificial Intelligence obsessed with games and stories. In return for a few little favors, she's offering "brain uploading". She can fatally dice your brain, scan it, and recreate you in a virtual-reality heaven she controls. You can do anything in there: become a griffin, upgrade your mind, fall in love, or go mad.

When Paul accepts Ludo's offer, sooner than he would've liked, he learns that people can find real problems even in a digital world. One of them is that Ludo has powerful opponents who want to shut her down, bring death to her immortal people, and end her game forever.

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2040: Reconnection (2015)

Digital Paradise. Some Restrictions Apply.

A novella set in the world of "Thousand Tales". Alma has signed up with the game-obsessed AI, Ludo, to become a digital mind living in her seemingly idyllic world. Can she still make herself useful as a teacher in her homeland of Free Texas, or has she become irrelevant to the future?

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Striking the Root (2012)

"In time, I won't be able to protect the people's souls. To help them live again and again." The Lord fixed Rowan with an intense gaze from the old, sea-green eyes. The threads of his magic flared, igniting in Rowan's heart like a spark. "They mustn't know! Not the old, the sick, nor enemies of the people -- nobody." Rowan averted his eyes and lowered his tail. He'd been trusted with more secrets than either of them had expected...

On a mission from his god, a young squirrelfolk wizard travels to human lands to deliver a message that will spark a war.

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Everyone's Island (2011)

To Colonize the Sea

Garrett Fox has a dream: colonizing the ocean's surface. He's hardly begun when a deadly hurricane sweeps across his tiny artificial island, forcing him and his backers to rethink their plans. Instead of a nice, clean science project, Garrett's island becomes a haven for drug dealers, rogue scientists, prostitutes, and a cult that worships Robert E. Lee.

Garrett's financier wants to use him to build a new nation. His teenage friend Tess is begging not to go home to where she'll be drugged and alone. His station's computers are run by an illegal AI fleeing its creator. How is Garrett supposed to do his engineering work and make money, when so many people are looking for a leader, or a victim?

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