Rym: Broken World

This is Aben
The City Mind has mobilized the mechanized infantry
We're going to fight the Gods...

One Ollie Canal created a fantasy/science fiction setting called Rym, which has interested me for years. It has dead gods, alien necromancers, otter people, power armor, AIs good and evil, things funny and beautiful and terrifying. I want to write stories this good -- or rather, as good as I imagine this setting to be.

Part of the charm is in the fact that it's maddeningly incomplete, so that I've searched hard for whatever fragments I can find. Many of the main site's links are broken, but be persistent and you'll see a lot of things worth remembering.

Recently, Ollie has reappeared and returned to publicly-displayed art, some of it Rym-related.

Here are the pieces that I've found. A few bits of the art are adult in nature. That's really not the point of the thing, but still, take note.

If you find more of this world, please tell me!

Fragments of Rym
RYM: The main page. One can wander here for hours despite the many broken links. See especially the "prelude" and "movie trailer" (left and lower-right icons) to get an idea of what's going on.
Lutrai Design: Includes artwork and (under "Rym," then "Module") part of an RPG campaign.
The Lutrai: Children of Kij: Notes on the Lutrai species.
Out of Darkness: A short story, with notes on its characters.
The Fine Edge Between Salvation and Oblivion: An incomplete story by Jason Rodencal, about an Air Force pilot who ends up way off course.
VCL: Eugene Arenhaus: A talented artist who's done Lutrai-related art, among other things.
FurAffinity: Ollie: The most recent gallery. (Some of the material here is not work-safe.)